PMA's Standing Committees offer PMA members the unique ability to get involved in a sector of their professional field that best suits them. Committees provide a special opportunity to share professional advice and expertise from their contemporaries, to strengthen their company and to network. PMA's Standing Committees are "Committees for the purpose of addressing continuing, fundamental areas of the Association's objects and purposes." View PMA ByLaws.

Committees are open to any person employed by a PMA member company and commitment is from one to three years. Only one company representative per committee is permitted, but company participation in multiple committees is encouraged.

Get Involved—Make the Most of Your PMA Membership

Volunteers are at the heart of PMA’s work—providing exceptional experiences and essential tools to the metalforming community. PMA needs the skills, passion and perspectives that you and your peers can bring to build a vibrant corps of volunteer leaders throughout our standing committees and districts. Learn more about the available opportunities and get involved today! 

Activities that a committee member would typically engage in include:

  • Meetings - Approximately four meetings a year, three via conference call and one held face-to-face. In order to alleviate the burden of travel and accommodation expenses, most meetings of committees are held via conference call. The one yearly face-to-face meeting is typically held in conjunction with a committee-sponsored event.
  • Peer Networking Groups - each of PMA's Standing Committees offers members an electronic forum for discussion and communication via PMA's committee peer networking groups. These discussion groups were launched in 1999 and allow committee members and members with specific professional interests to explore discussion topics and gain professional advice and information.

Standing Committees differ from many other aspects of PMA's offerings because they are one of the few areas that are strictly limited to members only. Committee discussion groups and leadership is limited to members of PMA and this selectivity and restrictive climate allows for a greater comfort level in the exchange of ideas and thoughts and creates a greater sense of commonality among participants. Below find links to each of our standing committees pages. To volunteer for a Committee, use the online Volunteer Form.