Tennessee District

The Tennessee District of PMA serves metalforming companies throughout the state. The district meets regularly on topics based on the interests of PMA members. District programs provide excellent opportunities for networking locally, increasing sales, expanding professional expertise and meeting customer demands with innovative methods. Additionally, attendees can build new, useful business relationships and gain valuable recognition for themselves and their company.

Award-winning highlights of the Tennessee District:  

         2013 Excellence in Education Award

         2014  Membership Growth Award 

         2014  District Chair Perry Hytken presented with the MVP award

         2015 Service Award

2015  $6,500 in grants and scholarships awarded

2016  $10,250 in grants and scholarships awarded! 
   Congratulations to:  

  • Reece Bennett, Fuchs Lubricant - $2,700 scholarship
  • Christopher Venable, T. J.  Snow Company  Inc. - $2,100 scholarship
  • Kai Smith, Kenwal Steel-Tennessee LLC - $1,700
  • Jonathan Kelly, Industrial Maintenance Company - $1,500 scholarship
  • Antioch High School,Nashville, TN - $750 workforce grant 
  • John Overton High School, Nashville TN - $750 workforce grant
  • TCAT, Hartsville TN - $750 workforce grant 

Expand your professional metalforming community by attending the TN District’s meetings, tours, open house and golf outings. 

View golf outing pictures from May 2, 2016 and October 3, 2016. Also check out other TN District events picture gallery of people meeting people.

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For information about local programming, please contact a district officer
or the national PMA office at 216-901-8800.