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Coil Fed and Manually Fed Press Operator and Die Setter Training System

PMA Educational Foundation

Product Description—

Your company can purchase the entire program if you use both coil and manual fed presses. This program was developed by metal stampers to increase productivity, assure safety and improve part quality. The system consists of 26 video lessons, trainee and trainer manuals and certificates of completion. It focuses the responsibility of learning on the individual by empowering them to view each video, complete the worksheets and use the information at the press during the production cycle. 
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AGREEMENT AND CONDITIONS OF SALE-by purchasing this product your agree to these terms.
1. The Training System has been purchased for the exclusive use of our employees, or the
employees of subsidiaries or satellite plants.

2. We understand that all materials in the Training System are copyrighted by PMA. Permission
to reproduce the written materials is granted by PMA to all purchasers of the Training
System. Permission is not granted to reproduce the videotape materials. (Replacement tapes
are available from the Association in case of damage, loss or theft).

3. We acknowledge that the Training System has been developed to help PMA members
train their employees, and that the Association has no responsibility regarding, and does
not undertake to instruct our employees regarding, any safety procedures necessary for
the specific machines used in our operations.

4. We agree to defend, indemnify and save harmless the Precision Metalforming
Association (PMA), its officers, directors, employees and agents or representative
against any and all loss, claims of any kind, cost or damage on account of any injury to
persons or property occurring in/or related to our use of this purchased Training System
in our businesses, facilities or operations.


To purchase systems separately:
Coil Fed Press System
Manually Fed Press System

"New Standard Corporation has been using The Coil and Manually Fed Press Operator and Set-up training systems for more than ten years. The materials present the information in a logical sequence and allow our associates to work at a pace that suits their learning style. The "view/review" option gives the student the opportunity to feel confident that they have the necessary information before the shop floor demonstration and performance test. All new pressroom associates go through the operator training."

Robert E. Strickler
Training Manager
New Standard Corporation