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Metal Stamping and Tool & Die Conference


The 2018 Metal Stamping and Tool & Die Conference, presented by PMA in association with MetalForming magazine, will feature keynote presentations, educational breakout sessions for stamping and tool and die, exhibits and a networking reception for more than 150 attendees and sponsors. 


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Track sessions will feature new, emerging, evolving and maturing technologies and industry trends that are impactful to metal stamping, die design and die construction companies.




AIM Computer Solutions

AP&T North America



Die Cad Group

DTC Products Corp.


Falcon Tool Company

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Formtek, Inc.


Hitachi Metals

Jacar Systems


Moeller Precision Tool

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Superior Die Set

Tower Metalworking Fluids


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Who Should Attend?                                    



Engineering Managers, Directors, VPs

Die Designers

Tool & Die Makers



Operations Managers, Directors, VPs

Tooling Engineers

Toolroom Managers

Maintenance Managers


Track Sessions

An Inside Look at In-Die Transfer, Bob Gunst, President, Jacar Systems
In this presentation, attendees will learn key elements that will help them take advantage of the latest in-die transfer technology. Attendees will learn from an industry leader about how to apply the technology to win more work, reduce costs and improve stamping efficiencies. Become knowledgeable about the different styles of in-die transfer technology, see examples of the different types of in-die transfer applications and take away valuable real-world case studies.

Sensors for Die Protection, Jim Finnerty, Product Manager, Wintriss Controls Group
This presentation outlines best practices for applying electronic sensors to detect and prevent the most common causes for die crashes. Special focus will be placed on how to select and install sensors that will minimize the frequency of nuisance stops, as well as wiring techniques that maximize sensor longevity and minimize setup time.

Advances in Materials for the Metalworking Industry, Patricia Miller, Senior Technical Manager, Bohler-Uddeholm
Choosing the right tool steel for your cutting or forming applications can be a difficult decision. This presentation will look at the many factors that affect tool steel material choice and also provide best practices for optimum results. Factors that will be discussed include: steelmaking practices, grade characteristics, heat treatment recommendations and the impact of manufacturing practices on the tool performance.

Tooling Strategies for High-Strength Aluminum Alloy Material, Gerald Anyasodor, Sr. Engineer Technology Development, AP&T
Processing aluminum stampings requires a different approach as compared with steel stampings. While most aluminum sheet alloys are cold- formed, some alloys can be particularly beneficial for hot stamping. This presentation provides background on the need for lightweight solutions in the automotive industry, and potential material and process solutions for high-strength alloy grades using hot- and cold-forming processes. Tool design considerations in hot stamping of high-strength alloy grade materials also is presented.

Tooling Steel Technology for AHSS Applications, Tom Bell, Director, Hitachi Metals
Advanced high-strength steel stampings are often achieved through cold-working and now hot-stamping processes. This is an in-depth presentation on technology-based application developments in cold-work and hot-stamping tools. Tool steel selection criteria and best practices (heat treat, grain orientation, etc. )also are  presented for forming, trimming and piercing of advanced high-strength steel grades. Case studies of improved die performance when using newly developed tool steels also are presented.

In-Die Welding of Assemblies, George Keremedjiev, President, Tecknow Education Services, Inc.
This session offers a thorough presentation on the various techniques for in-die resistance/spot welding for the assembly of components within progressive or transfer dies. Technologies and approaches will be shown to achieve speeds to 500+ strokes per minute when in-die welding multiple hardware components to stamped parts and in-die welding of multiple stamped parts to each other.

Latest Trends in Die Protection and In-Die Sensing, David Bird, Key Account Manager, Metal Forming and Robotic Welding, Balluff, Inc.
This presentation employs a combination of pictures, success stores and interesting metal stamping projects involving: RFID for die tracking; dunnage rack and material transfer cart tracking by means of HF and UHF communication technologies; using industrially robust RFID systems for shut height validation; new mechatronic systems for monitoring progressive out feed process and value-added in-die validation error-proofing, such as confirming welded nuts on stamped panels. Rapid die change technologies using remote energizing/information transfer via wireless couplers on transfer dies and in progressive stamping dies also are presented

Industry Trends in Japan and Understanding the Japanese Business Mindset, Kevin Kalb, Business Development Specialist, JETRO Chicago
It often takes a long-term mindset and patience to establish business with Japanese OEMs and Tier One suppliers. This session will help attendees understand the concept of ‘Monozukuri’ and provide a better understanding of how to conduct business when establishing or expanding their business with Japanese manufacturers. This presentation examines industry trends and business developments in Japan, including an overview of the tool and die and automotive manufacturing markets; trends in the tool and die and stamping markets; how new technologies, such as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), are being implemented in Japan; and examples of companies who have successfully penetrated the Japanese market.

Planning and Realization of Material Savings, Todd McClanahan, Senior Applications Engineer, AutoForm Engineering USA
In the sheetmetal forming industry, material loss generates one of the largest recurring costs in the manufacturing process. Reducing waste is paramount to controlling production costs and increasing profitability. Modern computer simulation technology allows tooling professionals to more accurately predict blank size, and optimize layout within a coil. This can be accomplished early in the planning stages and further optimized using process planning tools to define the process and validate through simulation, ensuring that maximum benefit is achieved. This presentation will walk attendees through the process from part import and initial blank estimation to refinement of blank size with a defined processing image. This presentation provides attendees with potential solutions to an ongoing industry challenge.

Motion Simulation: Bringing the Next Design Revolution Closer, Aaron Guo, President, Longterm Technology Services Inc. (Siemens Solution Partner)
Die and mold designers are under increased pressure to shorten lead-time while reducing errors. Speeding up innovation and accelerating time to market while maintaining quality is a constant challenge. Learn how to unleash the full potential of your CAD/CAM software by making designs live. With input from local tooling and mold shops in North America, this state-of-the-art technology provides a user-friendly interface for simulating motion and interaction of complete die and mold tooling systems and is ideal for transfer dies and progressive dies. The trial-and-error approach on the shop floor can be avoided by testing designs in a virtual environment and, thereby, eliminating waste.

Managing Your Business in an Uncertain World, Bill Frahm, 4M Partners, LLC
Industries are facing disruptive changes. Retail is moving from storefronts to websites. The car, as we know it, is changing in both the energy sources used and the way consumers view transportation. Businesses have more choices than ever in materials, competition is global and new demands are being placed on the components we manufacture. This session will assist business managers in building productive supply chain relationships, controlling manufacturing costs, and addressing the challenges of hiring and retaining a skilled and motivated workforce. Manufacturing’s history placed obstacles to attracting smart, motivated students to our manufacturing plants. This presentation engages the attendee in a serious discussion about how manufacturing industries can meet young people where they are, identify the people who influence youth and present a better picture of the opportunities available in manufacturing.

More tracks to be added, they are being finalized.

See what attendees had to say after last years’ conference:

“The conference offered a great opportunity to develop some networking and vendor contacts as well as to benchmark and understand technical capabilities and needs for my company.”
Tom M.

“Having the knowledge base of some of the stamping industry’s leaders in one place to talk and learn about what other people are doing was just awesome. “
Dan B.

“The conference helped me understand current industry trends and boosted my sense of urgency in implementing new programs in the coming year.”
Rocky N.

“This conference was a huge success – presenting and learning about new technology and developments that take metalforming to the next level of success. The workshop-like setting fostered direct engagement with industry leaders and discussion of practical solutions and ideas. The focus was on how to transform companies to meet the challenges of tomorrow.”
David B.

“Very good networking environment yielding many opportunities to connect.”
Shawn G.

“It was an awesome fast-paced experience showcasing the latest industry advancements! The speakers made me think about how we do things now and then actually showed us ways to improve.”
Bob G.

“I think this might have been the best PMA conference I have been to. The keynotes were excellent and the presentations were broad-reaching and current. Well done!”
Justin F.

“One of the best PMA events that I have attended. Every presenter was very knowledgeable on their topics.”
Dave L.



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