Workforce Development



Industry experts providing customized training solutions

Benefits of in-plant training:

  • Train multiple employees consistently and cost effectively right at your facility.
  • Meet your company’s specific training requirements by customizing content from one or more programs.
  • Address your company’s most critical needs through interactive class discussions and team problem solving.
  • Assure successful implementation through follow-up consultation with the instructor.
  • Share the training costs by partnering with other companies.

Available Workshops

One-day Workshops

Two-day Workshops

Three-day Workshops

For more information, please contact Pete Ulintz, 216.901.8800 |

Workshop Fees

One-day Workshop

  • PMA Members: $2,500
  • Non-members: $4,500

Two-day Workshop

  • PMA Members: $5,000
  • Non-members: $9,000

Three-day Workshop

  • PMA Members: $7,500
  • Non-members: $13,500

(reimbursement of instructor’s travel costs billed separately)