PMA's divisions are designed to offer member services in specific technologies, product areas or processes of the metalforming industry. They are organized by areas of interest and are often considered "associations within the Association." Members are eligible for participation in one or more divisions without additional dues or fees.

Division services and benefits include networking, technical seminars, informational and expertise sharing, training, access to important surveys & data and opportunities for continuous improvement.

Get Involved—Make the Most of Your PMA Membership

Volunteers are at the heart of PMA’s work—providing exceptional experiences and essential tools to the metalforming community. PMA needs the skills, passion and perspectives that you and your associates can bring to build a vibrant corps of volunteer leaders throughout our standing committees, districts and special project committees. Learn more about the available opportunities and get involved today! 

Metal Stamping - Powered presses apply force to sheet metal through hard tooling, producing a variety of parts. Sheet or sheet metal blanks can be fed manually or automatically into a press or series of presses to produce the parts.

Metal Fabricating & Small Lot Stamping - The advent of CNC–controlled laser–cutting, press–brake and punch–press machinery allows rapid production of parts with little setup—and little cost related to tooling.

Metal Spinning - The Precision Metalforming Association Metal Spinning Division connects you with specific education and training, knowledge-building and networking within this unique and artistic metalforming community.

Custom Roll Forming - By its very nature, roll forming is a process which permits consistent adherence to close tolerances, working in both heavy and lightweight materials. The Custom Roll Former can deliver finished shapes, cut to exact length, ready for assembly.

Slide Forming - The Slide Forming Division includes companies that identify themselves primarily as slide formers. Past projects include seminars on slide forming technologies, development of skill standards for slide formers and the development of the Slide Forming Machine Operator and Set up training system.

Tool & Die - The Tool & Die Division was established to support and enhance the tooling abilities and technologies of the precision metalforming industry in pursuit of world class competitiveness.

Next Generation Leaders - Next Generation Leaders Division is dedicated to developing industry knowledge and leadership qualities for its members.