Become a Certified Precision Metalforming Technician

The PMA Certified Metalforming Technician (CMfT) is a nationally recognized, third-party vetted*, industry certification. Obtaining a PMA CMfT validates that an individual has passed a proctored assessment measuring an understanding and comprehension of a variety of introductory metaltforming/manufacturing standards. Individuals obtaining a PMA CMfT would be ideal candidates for entry-level positions in PMA member companies or other manufacturing areas.

  • Potential employees: Applying for a position with a CMfT credential on your application shows you have determination and motivation, and have taken the time and effort to prove you have excellent foundational and introductory metalforming skills.
  • Attracting employees: Finding and hiring quality employees is a difficult task, especially in these economic times. A CMfT applicant has already validated their knowledge and skills, making your vetting process easier.
  • Retaining employees: Providing good, entry-level employees the opportunity to take the PMA CMfT shows your dedication and investment in their future at your company.

The PMA CMfT is an excellent credential for those interested in excelling in the metalforming/manufacturing industry. Assessment is composed of 132 questions covering:

  • Mathematics
  • Measurement
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Metalforming
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Technology Basics
  • Professional & Business Skills
  • Team-based Soft Skills & Communication

Although not mandatory (candidates may pursue the CMfT credential on their own), to better prepare for the exam we suggest taking PMA’s “Foundations 4 Metalforming Success” Skill Set of 62 courses covering potential CMfT test questions in METALFORM EDU, our on-demand, self-paced training platform.

*The PMA CMfT credential is through SpaceTec, a National Resource Center for Aerospace Technical Education, created in part through a grant from the National Science Foundation. For the technical workforce outside aerospace, SpaceTEC® supports and endorses performance-based certifications and customized Industry Aptitude Surveys (IASs) through CertTEC®, its commercial industry credentialing division.


PMA Members: $99 per person
Nonmembers: $299 per person