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Why Join PMA?

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PMA membership is a company membership per location. When your company becomes a member, every employee at that location is able to take advantage of PMA’s benefits and services. All manufacturers and companies that supply or are affiliated with the industry are eligible to become a member.

What makes joining PMA such a good business decision for your company? The answer is our dedication to offering you a blend of resources, programs and services that assures value and relevancy to your company.

There are many reasons why a company joins a trade association. Some primary reasons are to gain knowledge that will accomplish tasks and projects, to educate its workforce, to promote the company within different markets and to find new business. All good reasons to join, now the bigger question becomes, whether it is practical or economically feasible for a single company to accomplish these and other tasks on its own.

Nearly 900 companies with more than 80,000 employees are finding the answers to solve their business questions at the Precision Metalforming Association (PMA). In fact, we have been guiding and helping metalforming companies improve productivity and profitability for more than 70 years.

Your involvement starts on the first day your company joins and grows over time. Read how a few of our members have found the value of PMA:

“I believe in the power of relationship building. PMA’s district meetings offer interactive platforms to share views, compare experiences and develop connections that have helped me to grow my business.”

     Julius Feitl
     Owner and President
     Progressive Machine Die
     PMA Member Since 1988

“It only made sense for our company to want to be aligned with PMA, since they are the leading industry association for companies that specialize in metalforming. My company specifically gains valuable information from PMA’s business reports, which help us benchmark performance and strategically plan for the future.”

     Andrew Bader
     Sales and Marketing Director
     OGS Industries
     PMA Member Since 1978