Training Overview

You’ve told us that the biggest challenge in our industry is attracting and retaining skilled employees.

PMA can help! Through tried and true, vetted training resources, PMA equips your current employees with the ability to effectively skill, reskill or upskill! And for new employees, they can move from the “door to the floor” fast, trained and ready to work.

In a recent McKinsey report, it’s noted that to "gain an edge, companies need to focus on employee development" and that top employers need to:

  1. Create opportunities for employees to keep learning and reinventing themselves.
  2. Deliver a better day-to-day work experience.
  3. Create a culture of learning and development, which is also a critical retention tool.

The future of the metalforming industry will rely on your ability to attract and retain good people, as well as be adaptable, flexible and innovative in today’s rapidly changing market.

Eliminate the skills gap and thrive, not just survive. Train, reskill and upskill with PMA resources!