For more than 40 years, PMA’s business reports have provided members with key industry data to optimize company operational and strategic performance. Metalforming Insights surveys have been developed and reviewed by a PMA member committee/taskforce through the years to bring you the most relevant and reliable information that will better assist you in knowing whether your company is meeting or exceeding the industry’s growth. Business reports are provided to PMA members who participate by completing and returning questionnaires. Some reports are customized with a company’s data and all information provided by participants is held strictly confidential. PMA’s business reports are copyrighted and intended for personal company use only.

Metalforming Insights personalized business reports gives the member a micro-level view of their business while Econ Trends views the industry at a macro-level.

Metalforming Insights—Annual Surveys
Powered by Harbour Results Inc.

PMA has partnered with Harbour Results, Inc. (a long time, trusted manufacturing advisory firm) to enhance and update our industry reports. By partnering with Harbour Results, we are combining manufacturing, metalforming and market expertise to provide an unmatched resource of business-critical data and insights for PMA members.

About Harbour Results Inc.

Harbour Results is a leading manufacturing consulting firm that helps small- to medium-sized businesses transform operations and develop a roadmap to maintain financial and operational success. The company’s solutions include business assessments, strategic development, operational improvement, benchmarking and market intelligence. More information about how HRI can help you can be found here.

Opens April 16, 2024 - Closes June 14, 2024 

  • Financials – This report focuses on financial performance that will help shed light on issues affecting manufacturers and prepare companies for the future. The report will provide a review of the key trends impacting your business, including productivity, throughput, profitability and CapEx investment.
  • Introduction and Sentiment – The focus is on firmographics and the general pulse of the manufacturing industry. We recommend the owner, CEO or president complete this portion of the report.
  • Operations – This report will identify gaps and opportunities as well as help prepare companies for a continuously evolving marketplace by exploring the operational performance of metalforming companies, including differences in those producing at different volume levels and complexity.
  • Sales and Forecasting – Use this knowledge to generate a stronger sales team, marketing strategy and improved forecasting, allowing you to better manage your resources and win more business. The report also will help to identify areas for improvement and assist companies to be more competitive.
  • Workforce – Labor continues to be a leading challenge for manufacturers. Learn what best-in-class companies are doing to manage the talent crisis and understand new strategies for attracting and retaining your workforce.

Harbour Results Offer:
Wanting to know how to get the most from the reports? Harbour Results is offering a free one-hour discussion with Harbour Results team members to review your custom report, answer questions and provide additional insight – Company must complete all five surveys above. Benchmarking is an essential part of assessing your business and the reports will help you better understand how your business is performing as well as identify opportunities to improve profitability and competitiveness.

Opens September 3, 2024 - Closes September 24, 2024 

  • Wage and Benefits – This report contains a compilation of wages related to the metalforming industry to assist manufacturers in evaluating prevailing wage rates and establishing a realistic baseline for comparing the relative cost of healthcare.
  • Executive Compensation – Valuable information on executive salaries and bonuses for 11 critical job positions specifically designed for C-Suite executives and senior management to attract and retain the best and brightest professionals.

Winter - Opens January 3, 2024 - Closes February 20, 2024
Fall - Opens September 3, 2024 - Closes September 24, 2024

  • Benchmarking Insights – This report is conducted across manufacturing processes from several associations. It is a comprehensive report that provides a real-time health check of both the manufacturing and metalforming industries. The report provides an in-depth executive summary, manufacturing index, cross-analysis, manufacturing overview and specific metalforming insights.


Metalforming Insights—Monthly and Quarterly Reports
Powered by PMA

Free to the industry

  • Business Conditions – This highly regarded monthly assessment focuses on projected business levels and general economic conditions. The data addresses shipping activity, order trends, lead times, short-time layoffs, workforce expansion and customer payment trends. Remove the speculation out of forecasting your business with first-hand knowledge from other manufacturers. View latest business conditions report..

By invitation only in February

  • Orders and Shipments – In 2024, a new measurement on rates of change for shipments will include the 3-month and 12-month rolling growth rates for the control group (companies submitting data at least four years), specific manufacturing sectors and your company. The report also provides monthly measurements on manufacturing activity using 12-month trending, percentage change from a year ago, and year-to-date figures for each group mentioned earlier. Published monthly and received by member participants completing a survey in February.

Reports published in February, May, August and November

  • Operating Ratios – Sixteen key business indicators, such as the number of sales days outstanding, sales per employee, value-added per employee, and inventory turnover are presented quarterly. Your company’s data is presented alongside industry data, and is organized by market sector, business type and industry best-in-class. A popular report to evaluate the operational performance of your company.

PMA Membership
If you are not a PMA member but are interested in Metalforming Insights, please contact Diana Novak, director of membership sales, at 216-901-8800 ext. 104 for information about member benefits.


Questions about the Metalforming Insights?
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