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Educational Scholarships

The Precision Metalforming Association Educational Foundation along with the East Michigan, Southeast, Southern New England, Tennessee, West Michigan & Wisconsin Districts of PMA are offering $1,000 scholarships to individuals seeking a career in the metalforming industry. Each award is for one year and will be granted based on academic merit. Post-secondary students may re-apply for consideration the following year. No applicant may receive more than two scholarship awards. Graduate students, trades job training, certificate program and apprentice applicants are limited to one award.


The applicant must have fulfilled the proper requirements for acceptance of the scholarship as listed below:
  • Two completed scholarship recommendation forms.
  • The applicant must be formally enrolled in a post-secondary metalforming / manufacturing / technology / engineering program; trades job training, apprenticeship or machining, CNC, tool & die, welding, or stamping certificate program at an accredited institution with 20 or more contact hours.
  • Post-secondary, apprentice and advanced degree scholarship applicants must have completed at least one quarter / semester; job training and certificate program applicants must have completed their respective program to request reimbursement.


  • Completed Application Form must be postmarked by March 30 or October 1.
  • 250 – 500 word personal statement with the focus around your manufacturing experience(s).
    • Topics to consider include: career plans, long-range aspirations, special achievements and honors, employment experience, and why you think you’d be a good recipient of the award.
  • Two completed scholarship recommendation forms to be included with application.
    • One from your Technology or Engineering instructor.
    • A second from a recent or current employer.
  • Post-secondary, apprentice and advanced degree applicants need to submit a current 2021 Scholarship Application Careers in Manufacturing academic transcript (an official student copy is acceptable) and a complete listing of all currently enrolled coursework. Job training and certificate applicants need to provide a certificate of completion and grade transcript.

Selection Process:

  • Applicants will be judged on the basis of the information provided in the application, personal essay and letters of recommendation.
  • All applications received prior to the application deadline will be considered and reviewed by a selection committee.

Award Procedures:

  • The recipients will receive payment in full upon written confirmation of award.
  • The check will be mailed to the student and made payable to the college or university. Checks will be made payable to students who successfully complete certificate and job training and certificate programs.
  • Attach a photograph; awardee’s picture and write-up may be posted on PMAEF and/or District website.
  • A grade point average of 3.0 is required.
  • No attendance or behavior issues are permitted.
  • Students will be invited and are encouraged to attend respective PMA District Award events.

Deadline: March 30 / October 1


  • Complete the Application & Sign the authorization line.
  • Write a 250 – 500 personal essay focusing on your experiences in manufacturing.
  • Provide a current academic transcript or certificate of completion and grade transcript.
  • Provide completed scholarship recommendation form from a Technology or Engineering instructor.
  • Provide completed scholarship recommendation form from a recent or current employer.

Educational Scholarship Documents: