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Business Reports

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The Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) provides you with comprehensive data to optimize your company's operational and strategic performance. The business reports cover multiple functions of your business and are proven to help companies reliably manage, plan and forecast their business decisions.

PMA's business reports have been developed by member companies in our industry since the early 1980s. They are specifically designed to trend operational and strategic performance based on metalforming processes and markets, while keeping all company information confidential. The reports also provide leading-edge companies with industry data to measure performance and benchmark success.

Included in all reports are the original surveys offering you the opportunity to calculate and compare your company to the industry, and some reports include supplements for a more in-depth analysis. PMA members participating in any business survey receive a complimentary copy of the corresponding report and any supplements.


  • Ataco Steel Products Corporation

    “PMA business reports play an important role in our continuing improvement efforts. Since the metalforming industry is primarily made up of privately held companies, financial and operating data are very limited. These reports provide us with valuable information that we can utilize to improve our financial performance and operating efficiencies as well as highlight where we stand out from our competition.”

    — Richard Reichertz, President

  • M A Metal Co., Inc.

    “In today's volatile economy, it is more difficult to predict and measure success. PMA business reports give us a realistic view of the industry and let us compare our performance with that of other metalforming companies. The reports guide us on a day-to-day basis, giving us real-time benchmarks for making sound business decisions.”

    Ronnie Burton, Vice President

  • Ken-Tron Mfg., Inc.

    “Ken-Tron Mfg., Inc. has participated in the Financial Analysis and Benchmarking Surveys for several years. We have seen that benchmarking is a valuable tool in measuring our overall performance. With PMA's surveys we are able to use a quality benchmark among our peers which only adds to the effectiveness of the benchmarking analysis.”

    David G. McBride, Vice President of Finance

  • Talan Products

    “We are very much a metrics driven company. We find the PMA Benchmarking Survey to be an indispensable tool in our continuous improvement process. What gets measured, gets improved, might be a trite expression, but we live by it. The Benchmarking Survey enables us to compare our performance to the industry, not just to our past. Of particular interest to me is the correlation (or lack of) between the highest performers and the most profitable companies.”

    — Steve Peplin, CEO

  • Laystrom Manufacturing Company

    “Laystrom Manufacturing has been a PMA member for nearly 50 years. One of the main reasons that we continue our membership has been the value we derive by participating in the business reports program. The value takes many forms and our ability to make key tactical and strategic decisions is enhanced by different business reports we participate in.”

    Robert A. Laystrom, President

  • Micro

    “I find the PMA business reports are critical to benchmarking my company to comparable businesses and evaluating my metrics to best-in-class practices. It is well worth the time and effort to complete the report and receive relevant financial input in a great graphic format.”

    Frank J. Semcer, Sr., Chairman

  • Anchor Manufacturing Group, Inc.

    "In my many years as a member of the PMA CEO Naples Group, I have found participation to be a valuable tool for benchmarking current business practices and refining strategic planning initiatives."

    Frederick A. Pfaff, President & CEO

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Business Conditions Report

This informal but highly regarded assessment focuses on projected business levels and general economic conditions. The data in this report addresses shipping levels, order trends, lead times, short-time layoffs and customer payment trends. Take some of the speculation out of forecasting your business with first-hand knowledge from other manufacturers.