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Employee Assessment

Employee Assessments
Evaluating and assessing your employees is vital to maintaining a high-performing team. Accurate assessment can help your company determine the strengths and weaknesses of new employees. This valuable insight not only can appropriately match an employee's skill to the right job, but also can determine what additional training may be required. The Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) offers several products to help you accurately assess the skills and aptitudes of your employees to make sure that all new hires are set up for success.

Occupational Aptitude and Knowledge Assessment (in METALFORM EDU and on paper)
This PMA-exclusive, 60-question multiple-choice test assesses mechanical aptitude, spatial and mathematical reasoning, measurement, use of communications and information, and the understanding of basic industry knowledge and behaviors of applicants for entry-level training programs or job vacancies.

This test is available online through METALFORM EDU or in paper form through our store. The paper version includes two assessment versions, with instructions, scoring templates, cut score recommendations and diagnostics.

Metalworking Skills Assessment
This PMA-exclusive assessment serves to evaluate the skills of workers with limited manufacturing experience.

This assessment package is currently available in paper form only, and is available in both English and Spanish. The package includes 10 copies of Test A, 10 copies of Test B, an administration guide and an answer template. This a great tool to evaluate the core competencies of shop floor employees. Purchase through our store, in English or in Spanish.