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PMA Staff

For nearly 75 years, our staff has been helping metalforming companies and their employees improve professional development and productivity. We are committed to providing our members with the support, information and resources to deliver a high-value partnership that result in a bottom-line difference.

Staff Leadership

  • Roy Hardy


  • Allison Grealis

    Vice President Membership & Association Services 


Staff Members

  • Lori Bailey

    Accounting Assistant/Office Manager 

  • Sean Bastick

    Network Administrator 

  • Melody Berendt

    Circulation Manager 


  • Christie Carmigiano

    Government & Communications Manager 

  • Susan Cubranich

    Production Manager 

  • Donna D'Amico

    Art Director 


  • Rosemary David

    Membership Services Manager 

  • Darcy Furda


  • William Gaskin

    President Emeritus 


  • Michael Gragg

    Jr. Web Designer 

  • Drew Gutierrez

    Marketing Specialist 

  • Karen Hoge



  • Eileen Hostetler

    Senior Accountant 

  • Susan Hunter-Vazinski

    Director of Marketing 

  • Joe Jancsurak

    Associate Editor 


  • Kristen Kerns

    Membership Retention & Engagement Manager 

  • William Koppes

    Information Technology & Solutions Director 

  • Janet Krall

    Membership Services Manager 


  • Lou Kren

    Senior Editor 

  • Brad Kuvin

    Publisher/Editorial Director 

  • Alison Miller

    Meeting & Events Coordinator 


  • Cindy Minn


  • Diana Novak

    Director of Membership Sales 

  • Mike Novatny

    Web & Graphics Designer 


  • Marlene O'Brien

    Editorial Manager 

  • Jordan Regula

    Marketing Coordinator 

  • Teresa Reid

    Circulation Assistant 


  • Erin Riffle

    Development Associate, PMAEF 

  • Ilene Schwartz

    Inside Sales Manager 

  • Marianne Sichi

    Technical Program Manager 


  • Katlyn Stratis

    Director of Meetings/Events 

  • Dan Toth

    Senior Web Developer 

  • Doug Trout

    Exhibition Sales Manager 


  • Peter Ulintz

    Director of Technical Training & Workforce Development