East Michigan

East Michigan

MIOSHA Alliance

PMA’s East and West Michigan Districts participated in an alliance with MIOSHA from 2009-2018 to help protect the safety and health of Michigan workers in the metalforming industry. Through the alliance, the PMA East and West Michigan Districts worked with MIOSHA to create a fact sheet titled “Press Brakes: Operator Protection.” Download the fact sheet.

Train your employees on key safety topics with these short one-point safety lessons.  

MIOSHA's "Take A Stand for Safety Day" Held Annually in August

Each year on a designated day in August, at your request, a MIOSHA professional (including compliance staff, outreach consultants, managers, and supervisors) will provide a special one-on-one consultation to address specific issues, such as:

  • Explain a specific MIOSHA rule.
  • Conduct a safety or health hazard survey.
  • Evaluate a safety and health management system.
  • Provide other requested technical assistance.
There will be NO CITATIONS and NO PENALTIES for participating workplaces. Participants must agree to correct all serious conditions. Visit the MIOSHA website for more information. 

“I really did not know what to expect the first year I signed up for Take a Stand Day. I was a little on edge, on guard and pretty much nervous! The whole process was painless, actually very enlightening. Our team learned a lot from participating in Take a Stand Day. Did we have issues? Yes, however we were able to correct these issues without being penalized. Would I recommend other companies participate in Take a Stand Day? Absolutely! It’s a great opportunity to have a second set of qualified eyes help identify hazards that we may overlook which could cause injuries to our workforce. We have participated every year since and are committed to participate each year going forward.”

— Ray Miles, Environmental Health & Safety Manager 
   E&E Manufacturing Co., Inc.


“All PMA member companies in Michigan should seriously consider taking advantage of MIOSHA’s Take A Stand Day, held in August each year. This activity can help transform your relationship with MIOSHA from “enforcer” to networking partner and a force for positive change. Since 2012, more than 10 PMA Michigan member companies have participated in Take A Stand Day, and most are repeat participants.

Several years ago, Trans-Matic was exploring the cooperative programs MIOSHA has to offer and it was recommended to start by inviting MIOSHA in for Take A Stand Day. We did, and the experience was very good for our company and our employees. It helped us break the ice, prepare for, and achieve an even more adventurous goal, MSHARP certification (Michigan Safety & Health Achievement Recognition Program). We found the visitors from MIOSHA to be very dedicated, friendly and helpful. The interaction was more of a shared learning experience, not a one-sided “to do” list.

All of MIOSHA’s cooperative programs are there to help employers, and their employees, no matter what condition they are in. Participating in these programs is taking charge of your safety, instead of waiting for the knock at the door from enforcement, or worse yet, a serious injury that could have been prevented. Trans-Matic continues to participate in Take A Stand Day as part of our overall continuous improvement efforts. We consider MIOSHA a partner in our shared quest to keep getting better.”

— Joe Hartings, Environmental Health & Safety Manager 
   Trans-Matic Manufacturing Co., Inc.