Industry 4.0 Experience

Industry 4.0 Experience


Ross Adams
Product Manager, Markforged Ross Adams

Ross Adams is a Markforged Product Manager responsible for the metal product roadmap. Adams has a Mechanical Engineering degree from UMass Amherst that prepared him for a Tool Designer role focused on AM tooling in Aerospace. Adams then transitioned to Application Engineering at Markforged, combining his technical knowledge with industry knowledge of 3D printing. By developing skills related to customer interaction and product market fit, Adams transitioned to Product Management.

Joe Bashta
CEO, Axicor North America Joe Bashta

Joe Bashta has worked in the technology industry for more than 35 years. His career began in the mid-1980s in Australia, in the then-nascent Information Systems industry. Since then, he has worked in numerous disciplines and held a variety of positions, nationally and internationally. The culmination of those positions and experiences led to his current role as co-founder and CEO of Axicor, an artificial-intelligence (AI) solutions company.

Axicor focuses on using AI to deliver measurable outcomes to its manufacturing clients. It takes clients on a data journey that begins with extracting value from the data they already have (business intelligence) and then moving into predictive and prescriptive (AI) analytics as measurable outcomes are achieved at each stage.

Brad Beale
Managing Director, Pepperl+Fuchs, Inc. Brad Beale

Brad is manager of Pepperl+Fuchs’ Global IIoT Solutions Group which develops IIoT edge sensor solutions to automation applications for customers in the logistics, automotive, pharma and other industries.  For the past 4 yr. he has been managing IIoT initiatives within Pepperl+Fuchs globally along with software partners such as AWS, PTC and AVEVA.  Focused on sensor-to-cloud data connectivity, he has helped develop global partnerships to help create successful IIoT applications.   He has 25 yr. of industrial communication expertise spearheading numerous embedded communication platforms focused on industrial Ethernet and IIoT protocols as the former president of Comtrol Corp.   Since 2019, Brad has managed cloud solutions and IIoT-Sensorik4.0 initiatives at Pepperl+Fuchs Americas.

Joseph Bortolameolli
Product Specialist, Marposs Corp. Joseph Bortolameolli

Joe Bortolameolli is a product specialist with the Brankamp In-Process Monitor Line at Marposs Corp. Joe has 33 years of experience in the stamping, cold forming, and metal cutting industries, working with customers to provide the ultimate sensor solutions for their manufacturing forming processes. He also provides MES solutions to enable a direct link between a production machine, its process-monitoring system or data-collection terminal and the production management and ERP systems, to deliver on-line machine, operating, order, maintenance, quality, and process data without delay to all departments of the company.

John Daly
Senior Account Executive, MachineMetrics, Inc. John Daly

John's career started in the automotive supply chain developing plant-floor applications and supporting manufacturing operation teams.  Later he worked for 12 years at Plex Systems, leading up and architecting complex ERP implementations in the automotive, aerospace, industrial goods and process manufacturing verticals.  After working for Siemens as a Solution Engineering Director, he now is a Senior Account Executive at MachineMetrics.
MachineMetrics is the leading platform to collect, monitor, analyze, and drive automation with manufacturing equipment data. The platform captures real-time data from manufacturing equipment and automates insights for frontline workers and into factory systems so manufacturers can quickly identify and address areas of operational improvement on the shop floor.

Tony Kaczmarek
VP Product Management, Plex, A Rockwell Automation Company Tony Kaczmarek

Tony is VP of Product Management focusing on Plex Manufacturing Automation. Tony was President of the recently acquired Kors Engineering.  He brings over 25 years of domain expertise in controls and automation. His primary focus is around Plex Production Monitoring and Plex Automation & Orchestration and integration through the Rockwell software stack.

Mike Kroll
Director of IT and Communications, Trans-Matic Mfg. Co., Inc. Mike Kroll

Mike Kroll has worked in IT for more than 30 years. He began his career working for Electronic Data Systems (EDS) and was there for 6 years prior to joining Trans-matic Mfg. in 1996.  Mike has enjoyed the past 26 years leading the IT Department for Trans-matic.  In addition to the day-to-day, boots-on-the-ground support, a few major projects include: Plex implementation in the U.S., China, and Mexico; network implementation; standardized desktop hardware; ERP migration; global Internet communication redundancy; telephone systems; cloud applications; supporting multiple manufacturing facilities globally; cybersecurity awareness; and most recently Industry 4.0 and automation integration on the shop floor.

Daniel Leong
Product Marketing Manager, Markforged Daniel Leong

Daniel Leong has spent the past six years at Markforged, first as an engineer and currently as a Product Marketing Manager,  where he primarily focuses on core messaging, web experience, and technical enablement. Leong is a mechanical engineering graduate from Olin College, and has experience in mechanical design, mechanical simulation, product design, program management, and product marketing.

Mark Merino
CTO, Polaris Automation, Inc. Mark Merino

Mark Merino has been helping manufacturers automate their businesses for over 30 years. A revered leader in implementing state of the art technologies, he is currently guiding the efforts that are accelerating the digital transformation of factory floor operations for many world class manufacturers at Polaris Automation. Under Mark’s leadership, Polaris is taking the lessons learned from large scale DX transformations and creating a systemized strategy for rapid deployment for small and medium sized manufacturers. Prior to this endeavor, he led the product development efforts for Command Alkon, delivering best in class technology that has been digitally transforming the heavy building materials sector since the dawn of the PC era.

Brian Schauf
Innovation Technology Program Director, Schreiber Foods Brian Schauf

Brian Schauf has worked for more than 20 years in technical leadership in manufacturing and services organizations, using technology to create a distinct competitive advantage. Brian has led cross-functional teams and has hand-on experience in testing, developing and implementing a variety of new technologies in the food, pharmaceutical and packaging industries. He is currently the Innovation Technology Program Director at Schreiber Foods, focusing on supporting new business integration and utilization of data and plant-floor analytics to support productivity, automation and new product and process launches.

James Schwieterman
Sales Manager Specialty Machines and Automation, Machine Concepts Inc. James Schwieterman

Schwieterman started his career designing dies, weld fixtures, automation cells and metal processing equipment. He then moved to project management and applications, which led to leading sales efforts for appliance and automotive customers at Machine Concepts. His experience in designing tooling and turnkey systems has helped him provide customized solutions for customers automating existing and new pressroom applications.

Craig Scott
Founder, Mfgx Inc Craig Scott

Craig is in charge of a game changing SaaS application called Fuuz. From his decades of experience running manufacturing companies and then implementing canned ERP solutions, he has formulated a one-of-a-kind solution for any organization to take advantage of.

Previous to this, Craig owned and operated a small fabrication/prototype/tool & die shop north of Detroit, providing primarily high precision work, CNC machining, 5-axis laser cutting and assembly.

Dan Tuttle
Manufacturing Manager, Flexco Dan Tuttle

Dan has worked for Flexco, Downers Grove, IL, since 2004 as a press operator and CNC machinist, and now leads the stamping department.  In his current role, Dan has taken Flexco’s highest-volume product family and increased overall production by 25 percent. 

With 10 Global locations, Flexco has been providing solutions for belt-conveying systems in more than 150 countries since 1907.

Aaron Wiegel
President & CEO, Wiegel Aaron Wiegel

Aaron Wiegel is president, Wiegel Tool Works, Inc., a precision stamper specializing in electrical automotive tight-tolerance terminals, complex lead frames and busbars.



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