Industry 4.0 Experience

Industry 4.0 Experience


Mo Abuali
Director, Digital Strategy, Wipfli LLP Mo Abuali

Dr. Mo Abuali is a senior director at Wipfli with over 23 years of experience in providing consulting services to manufacturing companies. Mo is a transformative technology and business management leader in driving and sustaining change in Manufacturing. Mo serves industrial and manufacturing clients providing Industry 4.0, Industrial IoT (IIoT) and digital transformation technology solutions, services and training. Mo has worked with companies like IBM, P&G and Toyota.

Eric Kimberling
CEO and Founder, Third Stage Consulting Group Eric Kimberling

Eric Kimberling is a world-renowned, respected, independent ERP and HCM systems expert, giving unbiased advice to hundreds of organizations for more than 20 years. Eric also is the author of “The Final Countdown: Digital Strategies to Reach the Third Stage of Success,” and is an ERP expert witness in cases involving several brands of ERP systems.

Bryan Sapot
CEO, SensrTrx LLC dba Mingo Bryan Sapot

Bryan Sapot is a lifelong entrepreneur, speaker, CEO and founder of SensrTrx Manufacturing Analytics and Datix. With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing technology, Bryan is known for his deep industry insights and plain language explanations of the complex ideas and issues manufacturer's face today. Bryan has been featured in INC magazine, the St. Louis Business Journal, and the St. Louis Post Dispatch, and has won numerous technology awards.



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