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PMA understands your business and is committed to providing you with the types of programs and services you need to succeed.  

Discover a blend of resources, programs and services that assures value and relevancy to your company and employees. Our commitment to help you grow and protect the future of your business is in the details. We are confident that you will find benefits that are right for your business.

What makes joining PMA such a good business decision for your company? The answer is our dedication to offering you a blend of resources, programs and services that assures value and relevancy to your company.

On day one, your company will be:

  • Added to our front page listing of new members
  • Welcomed in the PMA Update e-newsletter
  • Presented on social media through an exclusive tweet
  • Added to your local district webpage
  • Featured in our extensive online member directory that you maintain


PMA membership offers networking groups of owners, executives and managers by region, and by professional and technical interests. Ongoing and invaluable contacts and relationships with industry peers, customers and suppliers is the number one reason why members get involved.


Membership offers your best resource for skills and competencies needed to thrive in a global economy. Your employees can gain skills by attending live and virtual technical training led by industry experts. Your company can receive legal and regulatory guidance from PMA’s special counsel. Advance your company past the competition using our substantial repository of business reports.


PMA members actively participate in the metalforming industry and help shape the future of manufacturing. Join your industry trade association at FABTECH and the MFG Meeting, in MetalForming magazine and on Capitol Hill. Members are leading the way and making a difference in their community and nationally as a collective strength.