Sales & Marketing Summit

Sales & Marketing Summit

Past Participants

Accurate Die Design Software, Inc. Sales & Marketing Manager
Ajax Metal Forming Solutions, LLC Sales Engineer
Ajax Metal Forming Solutions, LLC Vice President of Sales
ALD Thermal Treatment Inc Sales & Marketing Director
Anchor Manufacturing Group, Inc. Director of Corporate Development
ART Metals Group, Inc. Director of Sales & Marketing
ATACO Steel Products Corporation VP Sales & Marketing
Automatic Spring Products Corp. Exec . V.P.
Batesville Tool & Die, Inc. Sales Manager
Blue Grass Metals, Inc. Sales Manager
Boker's, Inc. Asst. Sales Manager
Clips & Clamps Industries Business Development Manager
DeWys Manufacturing, Inc. Sales Manager
E. H. Schwab Company Vice President
Eagle Metals Inc. VP of Sales
Eagle Metals Inc. Business Development Manager
Genesee Global Group, Inc. CEO
Huebner Integrated Marketing Director of Sales and Marketing
Industrial Innovations, Inc. Sales Manager
Jagemann Stamping Company Marketing Manager
Jagemann Stamping Company Director of Sales
Kapco Metal Stamping Marketing & Branding
Kapco Metal Stamping Director of Business Development
Larson Tool & Stamping Company Customer Service Manager
Larson Tool & Stamping Company Sales Manager
Manitowoc Tool and Manufacturing, LLC Sales Manager
Matenaer Corporation Sales & Business Develop. Manager
MICRO Marketing Coordinator
Mitchell Metal Products President
ODM Tool & Manufacturing Co., Inc. VP Sales & Marketing
ODM Tool & Manufacturing Co., Inc. Vice President Sales
Okay Industries, Inc. Marketing Specialist
Oneda Corporation Manager of Marketing/CS/Logistics
Paulo Regional Sales Manager
Paulo Marketing Manager
Phoenix Specialty Mfg. Co. Marketing Assistant
Precious Plate Inc. Marketing Specialist
Qualtek Manufacturing, Inc. President
Quill Creative LLC Account Director
Quill Creative LLC Partner & Art Director
R & M Manufacturing Outside Sales Representative
Schneider Electric Business Development Manager
Sko-Die, Inc. Director of Sales
Stamco Industries, Inc. Mgr. of Commercial Operations
Steel Parts Manufacturing, Inc. Sales Manager
Stone City Products, Inc. Sales Engineer
Superior Die Set Corp. VP of Sales & Marketing
Superior Roll Forming Sales Manager
Talan Products Inc. Solution Sales
Truex, Inc. Sales Manager
Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metal Marketing Manager
Waukesha Metal Products Vice President of Sales
Waukesha Metal Products Marketing



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