One-day Workshops

Computer Simulation of Sheetmetal Forming

Instructor: Dr. Stuart Keeler

  • Why use computer simulation—styling to production
  • Types of simulation codes—one step and incremental
  • Knowledge prerequisites
  • Validation of simulation results
  • Applications for computer simulation
  • Implementation techniques
  • Simulation examples

Designing & Building Dies for High-Strength Steel Stampings

Instructor: Peter Ulintz

  • Understanding material behavior
  • Evaluating current equipment capabilities
  • Material handling requirements
  • Coil feeding requirements
  • Bending, forming, flanging, cutting and punching
  • Draw forming
  • Die sets and components
  • Computer simulation
  • Transfer die considerations

Higher Strength Sheet Steels – Solving the Problems

Instructor: Dr. Stuart Keeler

  • What are higher strength steels?
  • The new Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS)
  • Designing parts and tooling for higher strength steels
  • Measuring and reducing forming severity
  • Computer simulation of higher strength steels
  • Case studies

Increasing Productivity... Solving the Problems

A one or two-day Workshop available in English or Spanish.
Instructor: Robert Braswell

  • Methodology and ideology for increased productivity
  • Integrated Systems and plant layout
  • Process monitoring
  • Quick Die change and automation
  • Personnel effect on productivity
  • True efficiency measurement
  • Analysis of current process and laying out a plan to increase productivity

Making Flat Rolled Flat – So it Stays that Way

Instructor: Eric Theis

  • Limits of the producing mill process & slitting process.
  • Mechanical metallurgy, stress/strain diagrams, etc.
  • The meaning and importance of “Yield Strains”
  • Flatteners, straighteners and levelers.
  • Shape compensation.
  • Shape control and material stability
  • Coil vs. Sheet or Blank fed Flatteners, Straighteners and Levelers

Safety in the Pressroom

Available in English or Spanish
Instructor: Robert Braswell

  • Safety diagnostic of your pressroom
  • Introduction to pressroom safety
  • Personnel impact on plant safety
  • Mechanical press overview
  • General safety requirements
  • Full and/or part revolution presses
  • Discussions and recommendations

Sheetmetal Forming — Understanding the Properties

Instructor: Dr. Stuart Keeler

  • Relating stretching, bending and drawing to metal properties
  • Why blanking operations reduce edge stretch
  • Inconsistencies of forming metal (springback, etc.)
  • Selecting steel grades to meet forming needs
  • Understanding nonferrous metals
  • Making the steel grade work
  • Surfaces, surface coatings and friction

Successful Die Planning, Quoting and Sourcing

Instructor: Dr. Stuart Keeler

  • Die fundamentals for quoting
  • Determining best die type
  • Rapid die conception techniques
  • Understanding die and press specifications
  • Setting rates and margins for quoting
  • Estimating tools, software, die and production part cost
  • Pricing considerations
  • Quotes management
  • Die/part sourcing

Troubleshooting Formability Problems

Instructor: Dr. Stuart Keeler

  • Introduction to troubleshooting
  • General sequence of steps for all problem solving
  • Five general troubleshooting tools
  • Computer simulation as a troubleshooting tool
  • Specific problems in tool design, press, and lubrication
  • Improving consistency in product dimensions
  • What material can and cannot contribute to problem solutions


Two-day Workshops

Best Practices in Sheetmetal Forming

Instructor: Dr. Stuart Keeler

  • Foundations for change to meet competition
  • Determining current level of deformation and forming severity
  • Tracking through die tryout and production
  • Different parameters control different forming modes
  • The die responds only to mechanical properties of the sheetmetal
  • Understanding steel, aluminum and other metal grades
  • A quick look at press and tooling interactions
  • Various troubleshooting practices for problem solving
  • Tryout in the virtual press shop

Designing & Building Metal Stamping Dies

Instructor: Peter Ulintz

  • Processing the Part and Station Layout in Progressive Dies
  • Cutting and Punching the Part
  • Forming, Flanging and Flattening the Part
  • Pressure Pad Design
  • Drawn Shells
  • Cam Slides and Other Sliding Devices in Stamping Dies
  • Recent Advances in Computer Simulation
  • Performance-Based Die Engineering Strategies

Forming Difficult Stampings with Better Consistency

Instructor: Dr. Stuart Keeler

  • Data collection
  • Defining the stamping and allowable deformation
  • Forming modes and forming limits
  • Tracking your forming process
  • Computer forming simulations
  • Effect of process changes
  • Case studies and team problem solving


Three-day Workshops

Forming Sheetmetal More Effectively

Instructor: Dr. Stuart Keeler

  • Measuring deformation and determining forming severity
  • Basic forming modes
  • Blanking, shearing, trimming
  • Press shop analysis techniques and lubrication
  • Forming analysis applications and parameters
  • Fundamentals of steel
  • Circle grid analysis
  • New forming technologies
  • Team problem solving


Workshop Fees

One-day Workshop

  • PMA Members: $2,500
  • Non-members: $4,500

Two-day Workshop

  • PMA Members: $5,000
  • Non-members: $9,000

Three-day Workshop

  • PMA Members: $7,500
  • Non-members: $13,500

(reimbursement of instructor’s travel costs billed separately)