Member Spotlight - Rich Sade

June 2015

Each month, the PMA Member Spotlight features an outstanding member sharing his/her insights into the latest industry trends and technologies.

Rich Sade
PMA is pleased to highlight Rich Sade, vice president of S&S Hinge, Bloomingdale, IL, a manufacturer of continuous piano hinges using steel, stainless steel, aluminum, pre-plated brass, pre-plated nickel and brite-annealed stainless metals.

Hear Rich's thoughts about technology challenges facing metalformers, what’s on his wish list for his plant in 2015, the best conference he and his employees have attended in the last year, and more!

Q: Which job classifications are the most challenging to find skilled workers?
A: These days, tool and die trade workers with experience are very hard to find. It’s interesting that this skill set has become in such demand after decades of nonsupport to train both by industry and government. These jobs are highly paid and in-demand positions.

Q: What is the biggest technology challenge metalformers face today?
A: Connectivity of the shop floor to our enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Supply-chain requirements demand it, plus such shared data is useful to run our b-to-b operations.

Q: What is on your wish list for your shop in 2015 (i.e., a new piece of equipment)?
A: Complete connectivity from man to machine to ERP enterprise to the customer.

Q: What is the best conference or seminar you or your employees attended in the past year and why?
A: FABTECH Mexico. The growth and youth of the metalforming world in Mexico is refreshing to see. The markets there remind me of the late 1970s-1980s in the United States.

Q: What conference topic (related to the metalforming/manufacturing industry) would you be most interested in attending?
A: That question is hard to answer because in managing a company today, you need to attend several in order to keep your knife sharp. Therefore, technology, networking, government affairs and global markets would be the areas I would work on.

Q: Minivan, SUV or sedan?
A: I have both an SUV and a sedan.

Q: What are the top three songs on your play list right now?
A: Old standards (Frank), Work out (Mikel), Deck music ('70s hits).

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