Member Spotlight - Jeff Aznavorian

September 2017

Each month, the PMA Member Spotlight features an outstanding member sharing his/her insights into the latest industry trends and technologies.

Jeff Aznavorian
PMA is pleased to highlight Jeff Aznavorian, president, Clips & Clamps Industries, Plymouth, MI. Clips & Clamps Industries supplies reliable metal stampings, s-clips, brackets, washers, wire forms, welded product and assemblies to OEM and Tier 1 customers.

Read Jeff's thoughts about game-changing metalforming technology, what is on his wish list for his shop, and more!

Q: As PMA is celebrating its 75th anniversary in 2017, what do you value most from being a member?

A: Networking is by far the biggest benefit of PMA membership and participation. It’s a two-way street, however. Mike Aznavorian, my father, instilled in me the “Synergy of Sharing” from my first day on the job.

Q: What is on your wish list for your shop this year and why?

A: We plan to increase our growth rate through a more diversified sales strategy.

Q: What do you see as a technology game-changer for metalformers?

A: In the near future, I believe that collaborative robotics will ensure the competitiveness of U.S. metalforming companies on the global stage while maintaining an advanced workplace that will attract a highly skilled workforce.  Metal-additive manufacturing will be an area to watch and evaluate as we move closer to the third decade of the new millennium. 

Q: What would be on the agenda of your ideal metalforming conference?

A: My ideal conference would be 100% roundtable/networking.   Different topics such as organizational strategy, safety, benchmarking and advocacy all would be included in the discussion.  I learn best by discussing topics with others, instead of trying to digest presentations. 

Q: What was the best piece of business advice you were ever given?

A: Worrying or obsessing about what you need to do tomorrow will limit your accomplishments.  Plan for the future but focus your energy on what you can accomplish today.  

Q: If you could have a dinner party with three famous people (living or dead), who would you invite?

A: 1. Mahatma Gandhi
      2. Walt Disney
      3. Dan Gilbert

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